the limits of darwinian evolution !

selection of the fittest

every group .. every society selects only those > helping them to stay criminal !
to spoil the environment . wasting all the resources . causing a new great flood
and every one just pointing this out .. is " insane " .. will be going into exile .
prison or to a psychiatric institution if not just getting ill and dead !

since if the population would listen to them value them .
there would be solutions possible . and with out catastrophe

what would the powers do ?

this all means ..... that we can not have a homo sapiens race on this planet ....
but a competing mass of criminal ..... apes ....

being at the very least .... passive about this so obviously wrongful doing !
meaning there can not possibly be a future coming up ....

only through a continuous stream of discussions >
could the basis for a functioning plan be worked out !
because reality is then present to evolve such from ......

but with darwinian evolution ...... only insane vanity ...... is present !
because only those .... who entice the insane masses .... are left > after ....
solitary confinement ...... at best !

has brought every sane individual to extinction .....

so ..... this population is not having any problems !
but every one else is competing to be really the fittest guardian of the problem >

his society .... this native planetary population .....

galactic central information